Archaeologists and Specialists – 2010 Season

Ancient Egypt Research Associates is proud and fortunate to count the following professionals as members of our team. Click on a year below to view a different season’s team members.

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Our 2010 Team

Lehner, Mark Project Director
Kamel, Mohsen Co-Field Director
Tavares, Ana Co-Field Director
Murray, Mary Anne Director of Archaeological Sciences, Archaeobotanist
Redding, Richard CRO, Zooarchaeologist
Nolan, John CFO, Mud Sealings analyst
Wetterstrom, Wilma Director of Publications
Rygh, Mari Archivist
Hunt, Brian Website Manager
Abd el-Aziz, Ashraf Archaeologist, Area supervisor
Abd el-Baset, Mohamed Surveyor, Field School
Abd el-Hafiz, Saad Bakhit Archaeologist, Field School
Abd el-Hakiem Ismail, Mohamed Ali Ceramicist, Field School
Abd el-Monaem, Sherif Mohamed Ceramicist, Field School
Abd el-Rahman, Mohamed Ahmed Archaeologist, Field School
Abdel Hamid, Amir Cairo Project Manager
Bader, Bettina Ceramicist, Field School
Bahaa, Nagwan Objects, Archeaological Science
Bourriau, Janine Ceramicist, Field-School
Clifton-Thornton, Christine Editor
Das, Aparna Archivist Boston office
Dash, Glen and Joan Geophysics
Eddisford, Daniel Archaeologist, Field School
Eissa, Rabee Archaeologist, Field-School
el-Faham, Nazly Objects, Archaeological Science
Ezz, Ahmed Objects, Archaeological Science
Fairman, Amelia Archaeologist, Field School
French, Peter Ceramicist, Archaeological Science
Haddow, Scott Osteoarchaeologist, Field School
Ibrahim, Yasser Cairo Business Manager
Jones, Dan Archaeologist, Area supervisor
Kamel, Soha Archives Assistant
Kaspari, Emily Archaeozoologist
Laemmel, Sabine Ceramicist, Arch. Sci, FIeld School
LaPorta, Philip Geologist, Archaeological Science
Mahmoud, Hanan Archaeologist
Mahmoud Hussein, Yasser Illustrator, Field School
Malak, Emmy Object registrar
Malleson, Claire Archaeobotanist
Mazzucato, Camilla GIS analyst
Masson Berghoff, Aurelia Ceramicist, Field School
McCauley, Matthew Geophysics
Miracle, Rebekah GIS analyst
Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Ali Archaeologist, Field School
Montasser, Shaima Archaeologist, Field School
Naguib Reba, Mohamed Ceramicist, Field School
Ouri, Safinaz Accountant
Ownby, Mary Ceramicist, Archaeological Science
Quinlan, Jason Photographer, Videographer
Ramadan Mahmoud, Hassan Illustrator, Field School
Rikaby, Hussein Archaeologist, Field School
Rose, Pamela Ceramicist, Field School
Rzeuska, Teodozja Ceramicist, Field-School
Saad, Momen Archaeologist, Field School
Sadarangani, Freya Archaeologist, Post-excavation manager
Said, Mohamed Cairo IT
Schenck, William Draftsman, Field-School
Schnare, Jim Associate Communications manager
Skumsnes, Reinert Objects, Archaeological Science
Sobhi, Susan Objects Registrar
Taylor, James Archaeologist, Field-School
Wahba, Afaf Osteoarchaeologist, Field-School
Witsell, Ali Associate Editor, Sealings Assistant
Wodzinska, Anna Ceramics team leader
Yahata, Manami Archaeologist, Archivist