Archaeologists and Specialists – 2012 Season

Ancient Egypt Research Associates is proud and fortunate to count the following professionals as members of our team. Click on a year below to view a different season’s team members.

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Our 2012 Team

Lehner, Dr. Mark Project Director
Nolan, Dr. John CFO, Associate Director, Egyptologist, Sealings Specialist, Boston Office Manager
Redding, Dr. Richard CRO, Archaeozoologist
Kamel, Mohsen Co-Field Director
Tavares, Ana Co-Field Director
Murray, Dr. Mary Anne Director of Archaeological Science, Archaeobotanist
Wetterstrom, Dr. Wilma Art and Science Editor, Publications
Hunt, Brian Website Manager
Abd el-Aziz, Ashraf Area Supervisor (MSA)
Abd el-Aziz, Mohamed Supervisor, Field School (MSA)
Abd el-Basat, Mohamed Surveyor (MSA)
Abd el-Mageed, Rasha Zooarchaeologist (MSA)
Abd el-Monaem, Sherif Ceramics (MSA)
Abd el-Rahman, Mohamed Field School Supervisor (MSA)
Abdel Hamid, Amir Cairo Project Manager
Bahaa el-Hadedi, Nagwan Archaeologist, Area Supervisor (MSA)
Boos, Sabine Archaeological Science, Lithics
Bunbury, Dr. Judith EES Team, Field School
Cedro, Aneta Ceramics, Field School
de Rosen, Eli Volunteer
Eissa, Rabee Archaeologist, Area Supervisor (MSA)
el-Hadidi, Lamia Conservator, Field School
el-Shafey, Mahmoud Ceramicist, Field School (MSA)
Ezz, Ahmed Objects, Archaeological Science (MSA)
Fairman, Amelia Archaeologist, Area Supervisor
Gonçalves, Pedro EES Team, Field School
House, Michael Area Supervisor, Field School
Ibrahim, Yasser Cairo Business Manager
Jacobsen, Alexandra Volunteer
Jeffreys, Dr. David EES Team, Field School
Jones, Daniel Archaeologist, Area supervisor
Kamel, Soha Archives Assistant (MSA)
Laemmel, Dr. Sabine Ceramics, Field School
Lallier, Megan AERA Archivist
Mahmoud, Hanan Archaeologist (MSA)
Mahmoud, Yaser Illustrator, Photographer (MSA)
Malak, Emmy Objects registrar
Malleson, Dr. Claire Archaeobotanist
Mazzucato, Camilla GIS analyst
Miracle, Rebekah GIS Team Leader
Mitwalli, Ibrahim Supervisor, GIS, Field School (MSA)
Mostafa Mohamed, Dr. Osama Supervisor, Field School (MSA)
Naguib Reda, Mohamed Ceramicist (MSA)
Nasr Abd el-Mageed, Rasha Archaeozoologist (MSA)
Ouri, Safinaz Accountant
Ramadan Mahmoud, Hassan Illustrator (MSA)
Rekabi, Hussein Archaeologist, Area Supervisor (msA)
Rzeuska, Dr. Teodozja Ceramics, Field School
Saber, Sara Osteoarchaeologist (MSA)
Sadarangani, Freya Archaeologist, Post-excavation manager
Said, Mohamed Giza IT Manager
Salah, Sayed Overseer, Field School
Schnare, Jim Associate Communications Manager
Shihab, Essam Archaeologist, Area Supervisor (MSA)
Shukri, Ahmed Supervisor, Field School (MSA)
Taylor, James Supervisor, GIS, Field School
Witsell, Ali Managing Editor, Sealings Assistant
Wodzinska, Dr. Anna Ceramics team leader

Glen Dash Foundation Survey Team

Glen Dash, Team Leader
Joan Dash
Rebecca Dash
James Bishop
Mohamed Abd el-Basat, Surveyor (MSA)
Mohamed Helmi, Assistant Surveyor (MSA)
Yaser Mahmoud, Photographer, Documentation (MSA)
Osama Hassan, Assistant Photographer, Documentation (MSA)
Rebekah Miracle, GIS