Archaeologists and Specialists – 2016 Season

Ancient Egypt Research Associates is proud and fortunate to count the following professionals as members of our team. Click on a year below to view a different season’s team members.

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Our 2016 Team

Dr. Mark Lehner

Dr. Richard Redding, Chief Research Officer, Archaeozoologist
Dr. Mohsen Kamel, Field Director, Executive Director of AERA-Egypt
Dr. Wilma Wetterstrom, Art and Science Editor, Publications
Safinaz Ouri, Grants & Financial Manager
Alexandra Witsell, Managing Editor, Publications, Clay Sealings Specialist

Dr. Mark Lehner, Executive Editor
Alexandra Witsell, Managing Editor
Dr. Wilma Wetterstrom, Art and Science Editor

Megan Flowers, Business Manager

Rebekah Miracle

Mohamed Said, Giza IT Manager
Manami Yahata, Archivist
Sayed Salah Abd el-Hakim, House Manager
Amir Abdel Hamid, Cairo Project Manager

Dr. Mohsen Kamel, Field Director
Dan Jones, Senior Archaeology Supervisor
Hanan Mahmoud,* Archaeology Supervisor
Rabee Eissa,* Archaeology Supervisor

Dr. Claire Malleson, Director of Archaeological Science, Archaeobotanist
Dr. Richard Redding, Archaeozoologist
Alexandra Witsell, Clay Sealings Specialist
Emmy Malak, Objects Registrar & Analyst
Nagwan Bahaa,* Objects Assistant
Sherif Abd el-Moneim,* Ceramicist
Mahmoud el-Shafey,* Ceramicist
Aisha Mohamed Montaser Ahmed,* Ceramicist
Nermeen Shaban Hassan Aba Yazeed,* Ceramicist

Glen Dash Foundation Survey

Glen Dash, Engineer
Dr. Joan Dash, Assistant Surveyor
Rebecca Dash, Assistant Surveyor
Mohamed Abd el-Bassett,* Surveyor
Amr Zakaria Mohamed,* Surveyor
Dr. Mark Lehner, Archaeologist
Ashraf Abd el-Aziz,* Archaeologist

Memphis Site & Community Development Project

Dr. Mark Lehner, Project Director
Freya Sadarangani, Co-Field Director
Dr. Mohsen Kamel, Co-Field Director
Dr. Sara Perry, Heritage Specialist
Safinaz Ouri, Grants & Financial Manager
Rebekah Miracle, GIS Specialist
Manami Yahata, Archivist
Dan Jones , Senior Archaeologist
Aude Gräzer-Ohara, Archaeologist
Hanan Mahmoud,* Archaeologist
Rabee Eissa,* Archaeologist
Amel Ewieda,* Photographer
Ian Kilpatrick, Graphic Designer
Zoe Critchley, Field School Assistant
Andrew Henderson-Schwartz, Heritage Volunteer
Mohamed Adel Azziz Gabr,* Surveyor
Mohamed Addel el-Maksoud,* Assistant Surveyor
Mohammed Abd el-Basset,* Surveyor
Amr Zakaria Mohamed,* Surveyor
Mohamed el-Saidy,* Senior Supervisor
Mahmoud el-Shafey,* Senior Supervisor
Samar Mahmoud,* Senior Supervisor
Sara Saber,* Senior Supervisor
Rana Abu Odeh,* Translator
Sayed Salah Abd el-Hakim, Foreman
Dr. David G. Jeffreys (Survey of Memphis, Egypt Exploration Society, Director), Consultant

*Inspector with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities