Field School Publications

A Manual of Egyptian Pottery

AERA has begun to publish its field school manuals with the four-volume A Manual of Egyptian Pottery by Dr. Anna Wodzinska. This four-book set covers all Egyptian pottery, ranging from the earliest (Fayum A) ceramics to pottery made in Egypt today, organized by historical periods. The manuals are quick identification guides as well as starting points for more extensive research.

For each period, ceramic types are illustrated with a line drawing, accompanied by a description that includes information on the pot’s material, manufacturing techniques, surface treatment, and shape. Color plates of representative ceramic types are included to give the clearest sense of the color, composition, and surface treatment. All four volumes provide an extensive list of suggested readings as well as a bibliography for each period. Introductory chapters in each book discuss the basics of pottery manufacture and analysis. The first comprehensive guide to Egyptian pottery, this set will prove valuable to students as well as experienced field archaeologists. The volumes come in paperback and spiral-bound versions. The spiral bound versions, with hard laminated covers and tabs, are designed especially for the field and lab.

Volume 1, Revised

Volume 2, Revised

Volume 3

Volume 4

A Manual of Egyptian Pottery, Volume 1 Revised Edition, Volume 2 Revised Edition, Volume 3 and Volume 4

Download the PDFs for free by selecting one of the volumes above or order printed copies from ISD.

Settlement and Cemetery at Giza

APFS_webcoverThis volume is the first in a series of planned volumes representing the culmination of student work prepared during our Analysis and Publication Field Schools, the final step in our four-part field school for Ministry of Antiquities Inspectors run in conjunction with the American Center for Research in Egypt since 2005.

Settlement and Cemetery: Papers from the 2010 AERA-ARCE Field School presents preliminary excavation and specialist reports detailing fieldwork and material culture analysis from the Heit el-Ghurab (HeG) and Khentkawes Town (KKT) sites carried out during 2010 and 2013 field school seasons. The book includes the following papers:

It is with great pride that we present this volume of our students’ work. In some cases, these papers are our students’ first print publication—a momentous achievement for any young scholar. Providing both training and a platform for publication helps our students become active participants in their country’s proud archaeological heritage, not only playing a role in safeguarding it but also in disseminating it to the world.

We are proud to present their work and feel strongly that it contributes towards a further understanding of Old Kingdom and Late Period Giza. Thank you to all our members for helping to make this rewarding endeavor possible.

Click here to download a free PDF copy of Settlement and Cemetery at Giza: Papers from the 2010 AERA-ARCE Field School.