2020 Year in Review

December 24th, 2020

This year we are especially grateful to our members who’ve given us the opportunity to continue our work throughout this challenging year. Thanks to their support we were able to adapt to changing conditions and continue to search for clues to the development of Egyptian civilization and help to preserve Egypt’s heritage for the future.

Looking Forward to 2021: From Discovery in the Field to Publication

While we’re grateful for the work we were able to get done this year, like everyone we hope for the chance to do even more in the upcoming year. Our 2021 plans include:

We hope you will continue to follow our work and we look forward to sharing new discoveries with you in 2021. We are truly grateful to everyone who helps make our research possible. We hope you will become a member or make a donation and help us continue our work in Egypt.


Mark Lehner
President, Ancient Egypt Research Associates

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Installing a walkway at the Great Pyramid Temple
Surveying the tunnel under the Menkaure Valley Temple

A column base from Treasures of the Lost City of Memphis