AERAGRAM Newsletter

AERAGRAM 2008_9_1The AERAGRAM is our official newsletter and where our discoveries are first published. The most recent edition is only available to AERA members. Become a member to receive print versions as soon as they are published.

PDFs of previous seasons AERAGRAM are available here.

Annual Reports

ARAnnual Reports are a yearly summary of Ancient Egypt Research Association’s work. The most recent year’s report is only available to our members

PDFs of previous years Annual Reports are available here.


Books and monographs published by AERA staff members and about our sites. Publications include:

More information about all of our books can be found here.

Giza Occasional Papers (GOP)

GOP 1The Giza Occasional Papers are the preliminary reports on AERA’s field seasons at Giza.

PDFs of our Giza Occasional Papers are available here.