Annual Reports

PDFs of our annual reports are available below, except for the most recent year’s annual report, which is only available to our members. Click here to become an AERA member, get sent print copies of our publications & help support our work in Egypt!

The Annual Reports from the Giza Plateau Mapping Project are available on the Oriental Institute website.

AR 2018Annual Report 2017-2018
President’s Message
Study Season 2018: The Search for Khufu
The Search for Khufu in the Lab
AERA Field School 2018

Download a PDF of our 2017 Annual Report

AR 2017Annual Report 2016-2017
President’s Message
Study Season 2017: Launching the Search for Khufu, in the Lab
Sphinx Archive Grant Update
Memphis Site and Community Development

Download a PDF of our 2017 Annual Report

AR 2016Annual Report 2015-2016
President’s Message
Blazing a New Trail: Memphis Site and Community Development
Food Storage, Food Preparation: Standing Wall Island Excavations
Glen Dash Foundation Survey 2016

Download a PDF of our 2016 Annual Report

AR_2015Annual Report 2014-2015
Two Sites, Two Field Schools: Analysis & Publication and Beginners
Excavations: Areas Standing Wall Island & AA-South
Glen Dash Foundation Great Pyramid Survey
Waterways & Harbors During the Old Kingdom
Taking A Closer Look: Discoveries in the Lab

Download a PDF of our 2015 Annual Report

AR_2014Annual Report 2013-2014
Bread and Beer for Dead Kings: Piety and Politics (Silo Building Complex)
Putting the Pieces Together (Material Culture Analysis)
Giza’s Back Bay: Marina del Rey (Queen Khentkawes Town)
Cathcing Up with Our Field School Alums

Download a PDF of our 2014 Annual Report

AR_2013Annual Report 2012-2013
A Run of Royal Favor: History from Clay Sealings
Dining in a High Status House: The Good Life 4th Dynasty Style
A Rare Snapshot of Ancient Fields: Multi-Cropped Food, Fodder & Fuel
Data Curation Project: Phase 1 Completed

Download a PDF of our 2013 Annual Report

AR_2012_coverAnnual Report 2011-2012
2012 Field Season Excavations
2011-2012 Archaeological Field Schools
Archaeological Sciences: Hippo Hip and Olive Pit
Glen Dash Foundation Survey

Download a PDF of our 2012 Annual Report

Annual Report 2010-2011
Khentkawes Town East
The Luxor Study Field School
AERA-Egypt Receives NGO Status

Download a PDF of our 2011 Annual Report

Annual Report 2009-2010
Salvage Archaeology & Analysis and Publication Field Schools
The AERA Egypt Center
Capital Zone Walkabout 2010

Download a PDF of our 2010 Annual Report

Annual Report 2008-2009
The 2009 Advanced Field School
Giza Center Becomes a Reality
Celebrating 20 Years of Discovery in Giza

Download a PDF of our 2009 Annual Report