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Discovering very old archaeology…after eating sweets on site

Posted on Apr 20, 2014

By Rabee Aissa and Hussein Rikaby (MSA archaeologists)

Our colleague Hanan Mahmoud, archaeologist in the Giza pyramids zone and AERA team member wrote a blog three weeks ago under the title ‘Fighting for Archaeology – the Silo Building Complex’. She talked about the 2011 AERA season when the mission exposed the Silo Building Complex for the first time. Then she mentioned that there was big ‘fighting’ between her and us (Rabee and Hussein) about who will excavate this area. But in the 2012 season, it was Hussien and I who excavated the Silo Building, with four Giza pyramids archaeologists who trained in the AERA archaeological field-school as students.… READ MORE »