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In search of seeds!

Posted on May 11, 2014

by Claire Malleson

The excavations this season have all taken place in or around the Silo Building Complex (SBC) to the east of the Khentkawes town area. These excavations began in 2012, and the results of work by specialists on those materials helped us decide where to dig this year. Each specialist had a set of questions about their materials based on the results from 2012. Now we are starting to have a look at the materials excavated this year, hoping to answer some of our questions!

The questions I have about the plant remains from SBC 2014 excavations are based on both the 2012 SBC materials and the plant remains from House E in the nearby Khentkawes town which I spent 6 months studying in 2013 (See AERAgram 14:2 for some preliminary results of this).

One of the most interesting features for me in the House E botanical samples was a large deposit of ash which had been laid down as a foundation beneath a set of four silos to act as insecticide – repelling grain weevils.


Some of the ash had probably been gathered from kitchens and bakeries in the House E, the rest was from heaps of straw burned specifically to bulk out this foundation material.… READ MORE »

Discovering very old archaeology…after eating sweets on site

Posted on Apr 20, 2014

By Rabee Aissa and Hussein Rikaby (MSA archaeologists)

Our colleague Hanan Mahmoud, archaeologist in the Giza pyramids zone and AERA team member wrote a blog three weeks ago under the title ‘Fighting for Archaeology – the Silo Building Complex’. She talked about the 2011 AERA season when the mission exposed the Silo Building Complex for the first time. Then she mentioned that there was big ‘fighting’ between her and us (Rabee and Hussein) about who will excavate this area. But in the 2012 season, it was Hussien and I who excavated the Silo Building, with four Giza pyramids archaeologists who trained in the AERA archaeological field-school as students.… READ MORE »

Fighting For Archeology – The Silo Building Complex

Posted on Mar 25, 2014

By Hanan Mahmoud (MSA archaeologist)

Joining the AERA team at the beginning of March 2014 was one of my dreams. Finally, I could work in the Silo Building Complex (SBC)!

I remember in 2011, after the revolution, my colleague Rabee Eissa and I worked in the Menkaure Valley Temple with the AERA team. By the end of that season and directly to the east of KKT-E basin the workmen exposed rounded silos enclosed with marl brick walls. There were also bins, a kitchen, rooms, corridors and an enclosure wall – all part of a building. Dr Mohsen Kamel, AERA field director, asked me and Rabee to draw this building. Then, we start fighting about who will be the one to get the chance to excavate this amazing Old Kingdom silo building.

A site tour of KKT-E+ area during season 2012. Dr Mark Lehner discusses with Rabee Eissa.
Photo by Sayed Salah.


Echoes of the Past

Posted on Mar 7, 2014

Using Sealing Fragments to Hear Ancient Voices

by John Nolan

Digging the SBCAs strange as it may sound, much of our understanding of our excavations at Giza, rests on how we interpret small, broken chunks of clay that come out of the site. These fragments come from sealings, which were daubs of refined clay that were attached to doors, jars, boxes, and papyrus documents. They were often pressed down over a knot on a rope or cord when wet. Sometimes while it was still wet, the person who owned the item would roll a cylinder seal, inscribed with texts or pictures across the front of the sealing leaving behind an impression of the seal’s inscription. … READ MORE »

Digging in a Sand Bowl

Posted on Mar 2, 2014

by Dan Jones

Depending on the location of the site the amount of physical and visual contact an archaeologist has with everyday life going on around where they work greatly varies. This season the AERA team is continuing its excavation of the Silo Building Complex (SBC) located just a stone’s throw away from the Great Sphinx and Valley Temple of Khafre.


The Giza Plateau with its awe inspiring monuments has countless visitors on a daily basis however, it is only a few intrepid wanderers on foot that are aware of the AERA excavation when it is stumbled upon accidentally. This mainly has to do with the fact that neither the excavators nor the archaeology can be seen by visitors. … READ MORE »

It’s Coming Back To Me Now

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

By Hoda Ossman Khalifa (Inspector, Ministry of State for Antiquities)

Until these days, I did not feel the true meaning of the above words. I worked with the team during 2012, when we discovered the “Silo Building,” and it was a marvelous season. We worked hard as a team, and departed with a hope to work together again in the same site again. However, we did not meet during the past year.

Some of the 2012 team : (left to right)Hussein Rikaby, Hoda Ossman, Mohamed Fathy Mansour, Ahemd Abdel Hamid, Ahmed Orabi and Mohamed Abdel Basset (sitting). Photo by Saied Salah. … READ MORE »

Animal Bones and the Silo Building Complex

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

By Richard Redding

I am looking forward to arriving in Egypt on April 10th. Our research design this season has unified our excavation and material culture studies strategies. I will be looking at the animal bone from the Silo Building Complex (SBC) testing the idea that the area was occupied by priests associated with offerings for one or more of the Pharaohs whose tombs lie at Giza. How can animal bones tell us about the “job” of the residents of an area? How can I test this idea?


The SBC complex in 2012. View to the west, photo by Mark Lehner.


A perfect start – Giza season 2014

Posted on Feb 2, 2014

By Ana Tavares – Joint Field Director

We are back at Giza excavating in the Complex of Queen Khentkawes. As much as I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large team and the energy of the field-school, this small and quieter season seems perfect.  With only a small team of archaeologists and workers, I am able to get back to digging and surveying. A real treat especially given the first target of the season: the ‘kitchen and sand trench.’  This is one of three target areas we are investigating in the Silo Building Complex (SBC) to the east of the Khentkawes basin.… READ MORE »